1. This is beautiful. I have some natural linen that I have been wanting to dye with grated turmeric tubers. I just need to find some time to enjoy the process.

    • admin

      Hi Katie, Linen oh yes beautiful. Just make sure that you do know that turmeric won’t last as long as other dyes. I’m working on a few more tutorials to share – I just had this one already written (from my old blog). What sort of colours are you wanting to achieve or you just want to make colour in general?
      Have fun with natural dyeing, Ellie x

    • Ellie

      HI Viky,
      Turmeric is a colour that will fade, sometimes fairly quickly. But there’s lots of other natural dyes that work really well and don’t fade. I’ll be blogging more, but if you check out my Instagram account I share a lot there. (@petalplum). And I also have an ebook that has heaps and heaps of info.
      THanks, Ellie

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