Creative Courses & Workshops


Creative Year ecourse

Imagine a whole year learning new skills, new crafts, new techniques & connecting with a community of like-minded creatives! After lots of thought on how I can share more with you, while also creating a sustainable income for my family, I’ve decided to create this whole year ecourse filled with makings & creatings. Connecting heart, mind & hands you’ll learn how to make things for your home, your friends, your body, your self. You’ll learn practical how-tos combined with thoughtful essays on being creative & finding your own visual voice amongst it all.

Each month you’ll receive video how-tos as well as downloadable written & illustrated information on a different project & creative technique. Some months will include more than one technique (i.e. – basket weaving will also include easy tips on how to naturally dye your raffia). The aim of this ecourse is to grow and expand your skills, but also to spend a month dedicating to one new craft at a time. While finishing one piece per month, you’ll gain skills to keep on making and making.

You’ll receive:
+ monthly videos on different projects
+ materials list (emailed the week prior so you can prepare)
+ downloaded written & illustrated how-tos
+ access to a private Facebook community to share your challenges, questions, insights & more about creative making
+ advice, tips, help
+ essays on creative making, and finding your own visual voice
+ and more…..

I would like each project to be a surprise, but you’ll see snippets throughout my Instagram account for sure…but as an example, some will be:
+ Raffia basket making
+ Natural & Botanical Dyeing
+ Fabric printing
+ Crochet
+ Stitch work (if you’ve never done hand sewing before this is perfect for you to learn)
+ Weaving
+ Necklaces
and more…..


Ideal as a Christmas Gift, I can email a Gift Voucher to give your friend, or perfect to put on your own Christmas Wishlist. The first month begins in early December, giving you time to learn a new craft that you can make for your own gifting (hint – it’s basket making for month one). Available month-by-month or as a yearly subscription, I truly do hope you’ll sign up for the full year to appreciate & access a whole year’s worth of slowing down, giving yourself time to create and have time for yourself. Though don’t worry, the activities are designed to fit around family life (I’ve got 3 kids myself!), and are perfect for beginners or great if you want to change up your current creative makings.

While I work predominately in textiles, I also experiment in many other artistic and creative techniques, such as clay, wood and metal…. so this Creative Year is a journey for me as well and we’ll be sharing it together.

Course is now open. I hope you love it as much as I’m going to love sharing it with you.