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Do you sometimes look in your crafting / art supplies cupboard and feel a little overwhelmed / guilty at all the extra things you have sitting around, just waiting for the right project. I know I do. I have more fabric than I’ll ever, or my kids will ever use. And my tastes have changed, along with my interests and time doing certain things…. which means I have supplies in my cupboard (and packed in boxes) that no longer have a purpose for me. But I know there’s someone out there who wants it and will make beautiful things out of it. Which is where Stash Less Create More comes into play.

A short while ago, almost on the spur of the moment, I started a new instagram account, along with Fiona (an online friend, with a private account). I’ve been meaning to photograph & sell my excess crafty, crafting supplies (fabric and what-nots), and while I was re-folding fabric Fiona was doing a de-stash sale on her account. Being a private account means that Fiona can only sell to her followers, rather than larger audience; and me being more of a curated(ish) account means that I don’t want to post lots of pictures of fabric for sale on my main account. SO, like a bolt of lighting I came up with the idea of creating a community account where anyone and everyone could sell their extra supplies – in the crafty world called their stash.

But it sorta goes deeper than just that, and I’m keen to work on taking it deeper over time. It’s not just about selling and buying, it’s about thinking about buying second hand before you buy new (and buying ethical before you buy mass produced). It’s about shopping from your neighbours and sharing our supplies. It’s about us all looking at the things we’re hoarding / holding onto and asking ourselves if we really do need them. So – it’s about encouraging people do to more creating and use things up, and if we’re not going to use them then to share them with someone else. It’s part of a simplifying of life….and a re-think of possessions.

Please do join our community – share the word with your creative friends and see what fabulous things you might find lurking in someone else’s craft cupboards – it could just be that perfect piece of fabric (zip, button, stamp, book, yarn, etc) you’ve been looking for! If you’re keen to sell your supplies you can contact me via our Instagram Stash.Less_Create.More or even email me at

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  1. I am a curtain maker and getting on in age. Over the years I have collected/hoarded fabrics for later use, maybe for cushions or curtains. I would love to de-clutter my place. How do I go about it? Most of the fabrics are leftovers form expensive jobs, designer fabrics that I ordered too much of, sample hangers that were discontinued and I kept the feeler panels, etc. I would like to talk to you about the possibilities of selling them. I opened a store recently with Etsy under the name: CovetedCushionsbyAnn. You can find me there

    1. Hi Annamarie,
      Sounds like you have some beautiful fabrics. Can you send me an email to and I can send you all the info that way. We do it through the Instagram account – you post the pics and sell the things you want.

      Look forward to hearing from you, Ellie

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