little ways I ease the busy

‘busy’ – it’s a word I dislike, I don’t feel it achieves anything other than showing off…. ‘oh, I’m much too busy’ said in a super-important voice. I don’t like being busy, or even playing at being busy. I don’t like being ‘time-poor’ or filled up with things I don’t want to do. Yet lately … [Read more…]

create slow

I absolutely believe in the power of slowing yourself down, through most any way possible. For me, one of the best, most beautiful and also practical ways is by creating and making. I use craft to meditate. And I know I’m not the only one. What I mean by this is, that when I dedicate … [Read more…]

my dad’s chana masala {a recipe}

My dad is one of the best cook’s I know. ……maybe the best..?? Anyway, he’s a pretty excellent cook. We grew up eating his good healthy real made-with intention, thought, care, love meals. My mum was a great cook too. I think childhood memories of food and cooking and being in the kitchen with your … [Read more…]

watching the light

The change of season has shifted in, it was ever so slight, barely perceptible at first. But I see it now, feel it. Autumn is here and I know that Winter won’t be too far away – while Summer takes her time to go, leaving us with extra hot days, more than we want; Winter … [Read more…]