the beauty of tumbled leaves

In those times when I have an overwhelming list of things to do, the things that clears my mind best is stilling & slowing & simplifying….. playing with tumbled leaves, with fallen (or snipped) petals, gathered mushrooms, collected pebbles, or found sticks. All these things make me feel calm, centred, mindful, present. Turning off outside … [Read more…]

foundling ~ conversations with fashion

I first stumbled upon foundling in the way we do nowadays on internet land & Instagram… following lovely trails here and there, and coming across beautiful places to stop for a while. Whenever I find something that catches my eye, I often screen-snap (you can’t tell me I’m the only one!), but then I delve deeper … [Read more…]

Gathered Treasures : Forest Finds

I’ve been making photos of some of the treasures I gather up around our forest home. I’m enjoying doing this a lot. Taking the pieces from the scattered forest floor, where they often times get lost amongst the brown of leaf litter. And putting them against a white background. Showing off these simple moments in … [Read more…]

Skinmade – natural beauty care (& a discount).

A few years ago I was introduced, via Instagram, to a beautiful and local-to-me skin care small business, Skinmade. I’ve been loving using their organic and natural products each day. These are products made with thought, intention, care and a commitment to bettering the environment as well our skin. The simple packaging appeals to me – I … [Read more…]