Coconut Cake – Pretty flowers & a recipe

Cake solves lots of problems, don’t you think. You know, not massive world issue problems, but those tiny at home daily challenges problems. The making of a cake, for me, is such a restorative process (mostly). I love thinking about the cake I’ll make, and gathering the ingredients¬† – seeing if we have the right … [Read more…]

Spiced Almonds {a recipe}

These delicious spiced almonds are perfect to have as a snack in the cupboard, to take on a picnic or even as a treat to share at a party. They’re more-ish, ever-so-tasty and a whole lot of pretty. And really really easy. You’ll need: Almonds, or a mix of other nuts you like Organic cinnamon … [Read more…]

my dad’s chana masala {a recipe}

My dad is one of the best cook’s I know. ……maybe the best..?? Anyway, he’s a pretty excellent cook. We grew up eating his good healthy real made-with intention, thought, care, love meals. My mum was a great cook too. I think childhood memories of food and cooking and being in the kitchen with your … [Read more…]